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Welcome to JB Border Collies

Welcome to JB Border Collies

Welcome to JB Border ColliesWelcome to JB Border Collies

Happy Families



RBI (pronounced Ribby) has been a great addition to our family. At only 3.5 months old, he weights 25 lbs! The vet said he has great muscle mass. I replied, "We workout." RBI and I get up every morning at 4:30 AM and run 2 miles. We are training for our first ever 5K. I have never been a runner, but needed to do something to get healthy. RBI makes running easy and fun! With no training, he knew how to heel and run/walk right along side me. Besides being a running partner, RBI lives up to his name as a cage dog. He spends his days with his Dad at the high school batting cage and hanging out in the weight room. At home, he plays the infield and outfield during whiffle ball games with Lane and Dad. He sits at the pitcher's feet and waits for Lane to hit the ball. Again without training, he fetches only hit balls and brings them back to his dad on the pitcher's mound. He is a bit obessed with tennis balls. RBI's biggest problem in life is trying to figure out how to fit more than one ball in his mouth at a time. We are so impressed everyday with how smart RBI is. He learned to ring bells to potty outside in just over a week (also learned if he rings them the door opens to play outside). He knew sit, down, shake, and kennel up within the first two weeks. RBI prefers fresh cool water to drink, so he taught himself to turn on the faucet in the bathtub. We are thankful for our sweet, rambunctious pup. Looking forward to all the adventures we will have with him. 



Rufus is one year old now. We cannot thank you enough for bringing him into our lives. We laugh on a daily basis because of Ruffy. He is quite smart, obsessed with Frisbee's and squirrels. He went to training camp and learned to sit, stay, come, etc. We took him mainly because he was afraid of motorcycles and school buses. He would bark and be so afraid of them. Now he holds his bark inside and runs around the house - like a little old man... you would have to see it - the most funniest thing. Everyone cannot believe how handsome he is! Daddy takes him on long hikes and swimming every day, I nurture him and spoil him. He is a lover boy - he loves to cuddle with Mommy at night. Ruffy is learning not to nibble on the walls..... he is almost broken of this. Well Jeanne we could not be more in love with Rufus, everyday with Rufus is a blessing. He is always at the door waiting for me when I get home like he has not seen me in days, what a feeling to be so wanted.
We cannot thank you enough and wanted to share some of our favorite photos with you.
Our Love,
Terry, Dana & Rufus
June 16, 2008
When it came time to finding a new dog for my wife Dana and I, we hit the jackpot at Jeanne Burgess ranch (JB Border Collies). Even though we corresponded by email and telephone, a perfect match fulfilled our specific needs after the passing of our beloved ten-year-old yellow lab Kisses.
Initially, we adopted a rescued black-and-white border-collie from our local shelter. Little did we know that he would succumb to the distemper virus within a month's time while going back and forth to our local vet. That was a cruel awakening to the risks of finding a pet at the animal shelter. We did however, discover that the border collie was the breed most compatible to our desires.
After finding Jeanne Burgess on the internet, our apprehensions were at ease when she expressed her sincerest sympathy for our recent hardships. She has gone above and beyond to match us with a collie's temperament that's perfect for our household. When we drove from Houston to north of San Antonio to see our red-and-white border collie Rufus for the first time, we knew we had found a dog very similar to our treasured labrador. We are thankful and blessed for the loving care and professional attention given to us by the Burgess family (JB border collies). After adapting to one another, we feel as lucky to have Rufus as he is to have us.

Our deepest appreciation
Terry, Dana & Master Rufus



Hello Jeanne,
Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday.
I've attached a current picture of Dammit. Monte and I just love him, and so does anyone else that meets him. He has a wonderful and fun personality. He is also getting too smart for his britches (learning to jump fences-the one in the background of the picture). We are starting to work him with the cattle. He is also learning that he can bark and loves to run and ride in any vehicle (that include riding on the tractor). He is great with the grandchildren and our cats. The cats are his sleeping companions.
Thanks again - Monte and Rosemary Laubach-Tyler



Our Piper should have been named "Chocolate Swirl". He's a pretty one, and is taller than our Aussie Cattle Dog already. Piper rules the roost and the girls let him. He takes their bones from them, their toys, etc. - and they let him!

Ever since he was sick, (in our laps, cuddled & spoiled rotten), he thinks he is a house dog and a couch potato. I have to close the dog door to make him stay outside on these pretty days.

June Muecke



Hi Jeanne -
Hope you all are doing well. We have been enjoying Paloma very much, she is lots of fun. She is a little hyper, a little inquisitive, and very playful. She is very attached to me. She was great with the nieces over Christmas when they were visiting from Tucson. We take her on mile walks to exercise her. And, she has gained 5 lbs in the past 3 weeks. Potty training is going pretty well. She always wants someone outside with her, doesn't like to go alone.

I have included a couple of pictures. Hope to see you all soon. Many Blessings.



Cooper aka Big Rig

UPDATE: March 2009
Cooper is the absolute best, sweetest dog ever! Though Jules has had dogs all his life, this is my first and I never realized how much love one could have for a dog before Cooper joined the family. We have been so blessed by him and his good nature. He really is almost perfect...

Hi there. We've decided to name "Big Rig" Cooper. After we left, we just kept thinking that Cooper would be a great name for him. Hope you all are okay with that. He is such a good baby. He goes where he is supposed to and MOST of the time when he is supposed to. Hope all is well with the rest of the babies!!! Lots of love to brothers and sisters from Cooper Big Rig. (We love Big Rig but thought Cooper was so cute that we needed to use his name.) More later, Nadja, Jules and Erich

November 4, 2008: Here is an update on Big Rig (Cooper). He has been a great family dog and a fast learner. We taught him ring a bell, which hangs by the back door, to let us know when he needs to go out. He is starting school today for some additional training. Jules



UPDATE: March 2009
So good to hear from you! I have attached a few pictures of Camo, he has gotten big and he is so smart. Camo has recently discovered a love for playing with the water hose, he will chase it all over the yard, it's our new spring time game we have been playing. Camo is a great companion, he really enjoys car rides and then really loves to go exploring when we go hiking on some trail somewhere. We will go a mile or two down and then turn around, Camo will lead the way and get us back the right way the exact same way we came.
Camo loves to play with other dogs, no matter what their size, he will take any of them on. Its people though that he really loves, he will come up to anyone who will let him and try to jump on them (he still hasn't learned his full strength yet, as he will put all his weight and force onto someone). This is good for a companion dog, bad for a guard dog. Good thing I wanted the latter.
Only done real basic agility, started to get cold when we started it, haven't got going with it again yet. That's going to be happening within the next two weeks. Also going to start teaching him some more complex commands, see how he picks it up and challenge him mentally. I think he will do well.
I have been meaning to do this for a while, been wanting to just share a little update with you on Camo. I have included a few pictures, from various times in the last month or so. Since he came home iwth me, he has been a really good puppy. He learned how to use the bathroom pretty darn fast (much to my happiness). He loves his toys, one being 'Mr. Frog' and his new beaver toy as well. He loves to chew on his rawhides and all of his other various chew toys, he can play with them for hours it seems. Especially his 'smart toy' which he figured out fairly quickly and gets the treat right away now thats inside. I am gonna have to find a way to stump him on that one soon.
Camo is really starting to enjoy his car rides, as we are in there every Monday and Friday traveling back and forth, he will just sit there in the front seat, look out or just lay down and relax. He also really loves to go out exploring when we go out on our walks either through the streets or especially in a park. He even led the way back on a trail through a creek bed once!  
He picked up the real basic commands really quickly also (though we are still working on stay, he just wants to run toward me right away still!)
Next up on the agenda is we are going to start some basic agility training, see how he handles that and go from there.



We're doing great! Kaya is coming in to heat for the first time so. . .life is getting interesting:0) She's as beautiful and smart as ever. We need to video her playing basket ball and put it up on youtube because it is unbelievable how good she is. Obviously, she doesn't make hoops but she is an amazing guard and takes the ball from anyone who has it. She also loves the beach which is good since we're in Corpus! Getting on just fine and growing like a weed; thanks for asking.



Hi Jeanne,
Omelet is growing into a big dog -- she's almost 6 months old! She graduates from puppy school tomorrow, with top marks in "sitting", "down", and "come" -- but barely passing grades in "jumping on people" and "trying to chew on the floor if it smells good". She was subjected to a puppy food taste test. We are feeding her "Nature's Variety" and we semi-systematically determined that she prefers beef over venison a lot -- while salmon and beef are a dead tie. Next up is a chicken and lamb comparison.
Omelet is great with other dogs at the park -- some of them play a bit too rough for her liking though. Hopefully, she doesn't grow into a biter when wrestling with other dogs -- any ideas how to avoid this? Her new favorite toy is a "chuck-it" tennis ball thrower, but she still prefers to herd other dogs that actually compete for the ball. Thanks again for the super-pup.  
Michael Enz

PS We've decided her middle name is Lorraine, derived from a slightly more subtle egg reference, which givies her the initials OLE!



Hi Jeanne,
Well, we are really enjoying learning how to raise a border collie, very different from labs. She is the best dog we have had in a long time. She has finally potty trainer herself, I state in those terms because she seems to know the does and don'ts, but prefers to use her own judgment. I'm parting kidding, and parting not. She loves to play retrieve....more so than any lab at her age ever did. She sleeps in a baby mesh sided play pen in our room, and almost always sleeps thru the night now. I take her to work with me everyday, which she now seems eager to go. Today's events included stalking chickens and chasing guineas. Then for the afternoon, a quick trip to the Island, where she proceeded to dig to China in the sand. The attached picture was taken today, just after having a well deserved bath. We named her Salsa, and it fits her, she is a ball of fire.

Thanks again,

Allan Crockett



Hi Jeanne-

We just thought we would send you some pics of Molly. She is adjusting beautifully to her new home and life with the Willners. She is growing like a weed and already learning tricks. We love her to death! We just introduced her to our Golden Retriever, Sadie, and they have become fast friends! Molly thinks Sadie is her own personal jungle gym and she wants to do everything the big dog does. She loves being under the bed (we had to clear it out for her) and if a slipper goes missing that is where we look!

We hope you are doing well and will keep in touch!

Thanx for such a beautiful new baby!
Heather and Zach



UPDATE: April 2009
Thought you might want an update on Marigot (formerly Champagne).
She has reached her equivalent of her terrible two's and is quite rambunctious. She and her older sister, Siena, are bonding and playing a lot; though Siena does get to that "Enough" level and has to put Marigot into her place.
Housebreaking is going well. Accidents are usually because mom and dad are not paying enough attention to when she needs to go out. She aims for the emergency pads near the door but sometimes misses. All in all, she is progressing quite well.
She is getting into that awkward looking age where her legs are growing rapidly and her ears are still trying to decide if they are going to be up or flopped over.
Just wanted to get you an update on Marigot (formerly Champagne).
She seems to be over the shock of leaving her siblings and is active around the house. Crate training seems to be going well. She only cries for a minute or two after being put in. She is trying to bond with our older dog, but Siena is just tolerating her at best for now. There are sparks occasionally, typically around Siena's food bowl. Siena actually did get into a puppy play position with Marigot so she will eventually come around.
House breaking is okay. Only one accident in the crate on the first day. We get her outside on the grass often so she seems to be catching on.
She is a nibbler and a climber, so it will be interesting for the next few weeks.
We'll keep you updated. Ken



We just wanted to thank you for all you've done for us . Reaghan has become a lovely well mannered young lady . We just love her more than words can say . It's amazing how much a dog can change ones life and outlook . We've already been recommending you to our friends and we will undoubtedly purchase another puppy from you some time in the future . By the way I have Reaghan walking 2 miles a day with me and we're working up to the 5 miles that I use to walk every day . It's so much more enjoyable with Reaghan tagging along at my heel .
God Bless !

Ed , Brenda and Reaghan