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Before You Buy

We do everything we can to ensure that our puppies leave us healthy and happy, but we cannot guarantee that every puppy is protected.  Hopefully this page will inform you and help you make healthy decisions for your puppy once you take him or her home with you.

Puppy immunizations don’t always work.  It has nothing to do with what brand of vaccination you provide, who administers it or how early you give it to them.  Each individual puppy is protected by antibodies it receives from mother’s milk during its first days of life.  Maternal antibodies are small disease-fighting proteins and if a puppy has a high level of them in their bloodstream, a vaccination is ineffective.

Once the antibodies begin leaving your puppy’s bloodstream, a vaccination can step in to help protect your puppy from disease.  However, only 25% of puppies are protected at the age of 6 weeks when they receive their first vaccine.  Some veterinarians will not vaccinate a puppy younger than 8 weeks old because of this.  The odds of a successful vaccination raise considerably from 6 weeks (25%) to 8 weeks (40%).  By the time your puppy reaches 18 weeks of age, it has a 95% change of being protected by a vaccination.  You must keep immunizing your puppy from 6 weeks to 18weeks!  Vaccines don’t stick around as extra protection until the puppy’s body is ready to accept it.  You have to try again at 9 weeks of age, or 12 weeks, or 15 weeks.  And just hope that one of those vaccines has protected your puppy.  That is why it is so important to protect your puppy and closely follow a vaccination schedule:  to give him or her a better change at a healthy life.

We use several different de-wormers for our dogs because some parasites are resistant to certain types of medication.  Even if you use the “best” de-wormer available, your puppy may require a different type of medication.  We try and give your puppy the best start possible, but it is up to you to continue this treatment once you take him or her home.  Although we worm at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age with Pyrantel Pamoate, we are not able to guarantee that your puppy will be parasite free.

Coccidia is another item that we give medication for the day that your puppy leaves.  There are many factors and reason that a puppy developes coccidia.  We try and prevent the “stress-enduced” coccidian which tends the be extremely common in Border Collie puppies.  We give your puppy Ponazuril which we get from our vet specifically for each litter that we have.  We do not want you to have additional expenses due to Coccidia so we try and prevent that.

Fleas are another issue.  Although we give all puppies a bath prior to their leaving, we can not guarantee that they are 100% free of fleas.